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Our hotel is in Athens, the largest city and capital of Greece.  Dating 3,000 years ago, the history of our city is longer than other European cities.  The legacy of our ancestors is typical and evident in the city through a great number of projects, monuments, museums and events.  Additionally, there is a large variety of roman, byzantine and Ottoman monuments throughout the city of Athens demonstrating the city’s course through the centuries.

And naturally there are monuments demonstrating the modern history of Athens, from 1830 onwards, after the establishment of the independent Greek state.  Thus guests will see the Greek Parliament, the National Library, the Academy and the University and a great number of neoclassical buildings and elements of the time that survive to this date with lots of care and attention.

Ancient Greece created the Olympic Games and in 1896 Athens hosted the first modern Olympic Games.  In 2004, one hundred eight years later the Games came back to Athens with great success.

There are about 150 theater stages in Athens (more than in any city in the world) including the Odeon of Herod Atticus and a great number of open-air cinemas for summer visitors.  For the lovers of classical music there is the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis Athinon) featuring famous artists throughout the year.

Athens is a destination that will satisfy the preferences of the most demanding visitors.

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